"Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20."
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literally my favorite quote in the entire world

It was improv

I’m going to press a bunch of flowers this year like just hundreds of them and make mat a beautiful piece of art. But I don’t know what exactly I want to do. I was thinking making it into a ship, or maybe a skull or something.

On another note I think I’m allergic to eggs. I’ve been sick for an hour now and I’m regretting everything.

So with the amount of pain I’m in and how much of it could have been avoided if I just kept working out, I’m going to have to make the conscious decision to work out more. My issue is that I go yoyo work out a million times so for two months I’ll do everything, tire myself out and then for four months I’ll sit on my ass. My mind thinks I can be just where I was four months ago but now my ligaments and body have been doing nothing so basically throwing a million lbs on is going to break me. So now I have to slowly get back to where I was and make sure I listen to my body. I’m going to have to go get personal training by some certified coaches but it’s going to be like 400$ just for that little thing. Just for quality of life.

I know 100% that there’s no price on your body and life so I mean of course I’m going to go forward and do this but I think that maybe the job that I’m in should consider putting more money into recreation (here get a gym pass with x amount of ddollars, or buy a pair of running shoes, etc) than they do into prescription drugs and “massage therapy”. I know that stuff is great and yes most people need it but I think a lot of the time, a gym membership would be more proactive to avoiding these issues (diseases related to eating disorders, stress, depression, weight issues etc) than just paying for the drugs and or rehab. Someone I really look up to once said “if you don’t have a good foundation how are you supposed to build a house?” I feel like that relates a bit here. Just thoughts I hope no one is offended.



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